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Top 10 Phone Performance Improvement Tricks

Is your smart phone acting up? Does it operate slower than usual, freeze up, randomly shut down, or run out of memory? If so, try the following simple tricks to improve your experience!

Delete old texts, call logs & emails.

This is one of the first things our Customer Service Reps do when diagnosing issues on a phone, as this simple trick often improves performance significantly.

Check the memory card size in your phone.

If possible, store data such as music, pictures, videos and apps on a memory card to save storage space on your phone.

Are there any apps you use more often than most?

If so, consider buying the paid version of these apps. The free versions often make your phone slower & battery drain faster due to advertisements that are constantly downloading and tracking software an app may include.

Delete old apps you do not use anymore.

This will help free up space and increase speed.

Check your downloaded apps were created by a reputable developer.

Make sure they were created by a reputable developer and have a good rating in the Market Store for your device. Remove any that do not. You may have an app that could be hurting your phone's performance & compromising your security. We recommend nothing less than a 3 star rating. Also, if you just started noticing a decrease in performance, delete some of the most recently downloaded apps---one of them may be causing a phone’s issue.

Phones hate extreme weather!

Always make sure not to leave your phone sitting in a hot or cold car for a long period of time. The humidity/change in temperature when bringing it back into air conditioning/heat can create condensation; this liquid can cause corrosion and other problems that may damage your phone's internal working parts.

Shut down and restart your phone occasionally.

Shoot for once every other day. A smart phone is essentially a computer, and just like a laptop performs much better after being rebooted. This is especially true if you're entering/exiting our home coverage area; data services perform much better after a quick restart! Make sure to pull the battery out as well, to totally clear the phone.

If you’ve tried these steps and your smart phone is still acting up...

If you’ve tried these steps and your smart phone is still acting up bring it in to any of our locations, we can do a factory reset. This will clear the phone’s information and switch it back to the settings established at the phone’s initial purchase.